The Creation Of
A Chandelier

Inspired by the local foliage of the Upper East Side, our custom, glass-blown chandeliers evoke the nostalgic feel of an autumn stroll through Central Park. 

From the fiery kilning of the genuine Murano glass, to the meticulous sculpting of each chandelier branch, to the timeless practice of glassblowing, the artisanal design nods to the natural beauty of Central Park.

Best In Class
Air Filtration

Experience a superior living environment with ARLOPARCS’ state-of-the-art air filtration system. Each residence has their own individual energy recovery ventilation system to eliminate unwanted odors, ensuring a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Every residence has full control over their indoor air quality, allowing them to personalize their ventilation settings for optimal comfort. The system also prioritizes health and safety, preventing the spread of airborne contaminants and allergens between residences. Enjoy a healthy and comfortable living space, tailored to your preferences, as the advanced filtration mechanisms provide a clean and pristine environment for all residents.

Marble Selection

From the marble clad lobby to the residences’ kitchen counters and bathroom finishes, ARLOPARC’s selection of marble embodies the material’s raw beauty and rich natural history.

Sourced from an ancient quarry, our marble echoes the story of its natural origin— echoing longevity as well as elegance, splendor, and fine taste. Each slab displays its own unique pattern of veins and markings for a one-of-a-kind element in every residence and amenity space.

Serene & Soundproof

Selected to offer residents a serene and peaceful living space, all windows are triple-glazed, laminated, and twice as thick as those found in most residential buildings. They are engineered to minimize noise from the outside while enjoying the striking city views.

In addition to being soundproof, each window is well insulated, providing excellent temperature control and making for an even more comfortable and inviting living space. The residences and amenity spaces feature oversized windows for sweeping city views and create even more grandiose spaces.